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Most commercial properties have advanced HVAC systems that require a skilled and experienced team to manage and maintain the larger ventilation systems. Proper maintenance includes inspections for unseen duct blockages and leaks. With commercial heating and cooling systems comes more complex components that affects day to day business and employees. DIVCO will manage, repair and maintain all heating and air conditioning systems with a professional program that will keep temperature control working at its peak performance. The professional commercial HVAC repairs and heating & air conditioning maintenance services you receive from DIVCO HVAC specialists will ensure you are protecting your property the right way.


Preserve Your Capital Investment

Maintaining your facilities systems is an investment in capital preservation. Regular and thorough preventive maintenance practices save your organization money in the long run by protecting your assets and controlling your utility usage. All too often we hear potential customers say that “I don’t believe in maintenance”, or that “I am not going to pay that much to just change filters.” This misunderstanding of proper preventive maintenance costs building owners thousands of dollars in wasted energy and unnecessary repairs each year. Less than ethical contractors will actually sell skimpy maintenance programs on purpose, knowing that the real money will be made in repairs down the road!.


Buy Value

When you are taking competitive bids on maintenance services, be sure to compare the price the company is charging you against their hourly rate. By determining approximately how much time your vendor is allowing for maintenance tasks, you can get a good idea of whether you are purchasing a “drive-by”, or true preventive maintenance service. At DIVCO, we look at maintenance as an important part of keeping your building healthy and your investment in capital equipment secure and we don’t skimp on time just to sell a contract.

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