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Maintenance Programs

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Heating and air conditioning maintenance programs are the difference between being proactive and reactive. DIVCO offers programs that keep your business or organizations operating properly before emergencies strike. The Inland Northwest has variable harsh climates and DIVCO keeps you prepared for anything. Scheduled services will be tailored to meet your budgeting objective with regard to providing reliable tenant comfort, maximizing energy efficiencies, and prolonging the life of your HVAC mechanical system investment.


Quality Service

Filter Change Services

  • Labor & Materials to meet specified filter change schedules.

Semi-Annual Services (Spring/Fall)

  • Spring start-up and inspection of cooling systems. Shut-down of heating systems.
  • Fall start-up and inspection of heating systems. Shut-down of cooling systems.

Mid-Season Services (Summer/Winter)

  • Peak season Test & Inspection services can prevent & eliminate catastrophic failures.
  • Ensures system efficiency

Quarterly Maintenance Service

  • Combination of “Semi-Annual” & “Mid-Season” services listed above.

Full Coverage Maintenance

  • All scheduled services listed above.
  • Includes 24/7 labor, material & travel costs of unforeseen service calls for failed or worn maintainable components.
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