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DIVCO Commercial Installers are trained and certified by top equipment manufacturers, so you can be sure we’re qualified to handle complex commercial HVAC installations. Not only are DIVCO’s team the most knowledgeable in the industry, but our commercial HVAC installation projects are overseen by skilled field supervisors.

The Inland Northwest has a region-specific building history and regulations. DIVCO also has experience with an array of commercial HVAC installations, including retail stores, office spaces, restaurants, hospitals, schools and universities, theaters, banking and everything in between. DIVCO’s technicians are knowledgeable about all brands and equipment technologies, including VRF systems, rooftop units, chillers and split systems. We’re also tech savvy with the latest advances in sophisticated HVAC systems.



Our registered mechanical engineers specialize in solving difficult HVAC problems for our customers.

We focus on owner directed retrofit and remodel work. Through imagination, engineering skills, and experience, we can reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality, and increase levels of comfort. The more difficult the installation, the brighter we shine.



Building Controls

Our technicians are trained to service pneumatic or electric control system, as well as DDC control systems.

We are a factory authorized representative of Schneider Electric Controls. We chose Schneider Electric because its control product line is based on LonWorks technology. A LonWorks system is as non-proprietary as you can get, and will make it easy to expand the system in the future using multi-manufacturer hardware.

We want your continued business because we provide the best service, not because you have no other choice in vendors.

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  • WA Electrical License DIVCOI*988RB
  • WA General Contractors License DIVCOI*988RC
  • ID Electrical License ELE-SC-31775
  • ID HVAC Contractors License 020304
  • ID Public Works License PWC-C-10309
  • OR Contractors License 156912
  • OR Boiler License BB212
  • OR Ltd Energy License CLE293
  • OR Ltd Maint Contractor License 37-1062LHR
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